Her and Me and You

Is Alex dating one twin…or two?

This book was off to a good start. I was very interested to know more about the freaky, creepy relationship between the twins, particularly Adina. I personally love books with characters who have some sort of mental illness, and I was quite curious as to what Adina’s problems were.

However, I really only liked this book while I was reading it, due to the ending, which I will discuss later. I feel like Fred was a pretty bland character. I think Alex as a narrator was unnecessary, and that the author could have written a much more interesting book if it had just been about the twins. Alex and Fred’s relationship never went anywhere. Throughout the book, people keep telling Alex about how something Adina did caused Fred’s ex to leave the school, yet we never find out what that was and Alex doesn’t bother to investigate. I didn’t find Alex and Evie’s friendship problems particularly interesting. I feel that since the book was written about the twins, it should have been narrated by one or both of them, or just in third person. Alex’s story was distracting and unoriginal.

The main thing that I disliked about the book was the ending. I literally looked to see if there were torn out pages because it was truly that abrupt. The author leaves us with no answers. The enigmatic ex remains a mystery, and we never find out what is up with the twins’ weird and seemingly incestual relationship, and nothing happens between Fred and Alex that makes that part of the story worth writing or reading.

Sometimes, ending a book with unanswered questions is okay and makes it all the more interesting, but the author has to give the readers enough to be satisfied. All in all, I think the writer needs to learn a little more about the craft so she can create more dynamic characters and how to end a book mysteriously but not abruptly.


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