A school trip to the Scottish wilderness goes horribly wrong in…

I have mixed feelings about this book. I feel like it is a bit of a ripoff of Pretty Little Liars; four girls set out for revenge and it goes awfully wrong, leaving them all with a terrible secret. Even though I knew (SPOILER) that Alice was going to tell the truth about what she and her friends did at the wilderness camp, I was still hooked and just had to keep reading until the end. I just hate it though, when good things start happening in books and you just know they’re not going to last, because (SPOILER) how could a relationship between a dead girl’s brother and her killer ever possibly last?

The writing for this book was pretty average, but I don’t think a writer has to be the greatest to hook readers into a plot like this. The plot itself has built-in appeal.

That said, one thing I did find at least a little interesting was how (SPOILER AGAIN) Tara’s ghost appeared to Alice at different points. It was a useful device to move the story along.

It was also hard to read because I just hated the characters. I was bullied in high school, but I would NEVER, ever do what Polly, Rae, Cass, and Alice did to Tara to the people who did it. I would also never agree to just go along with a plan I didn’t know the details of, even if I was afraid of losing a friend. I guess in high school you do worry about that, but maybe not at the expense of a person’s life. What the four girls did to Tara was far worse than whatever she did to them.

Another thing I liked that Clarke included was Alice’s relationship with Tara. That was what made it make sense for Alice to narrate, because she had known Tara before her transformation into the Queen of Mean.

NOTE: this book is not available in the U. S., as far as I know.


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