Pick me! Pick Me!

Just entered a contest on Goodreads to win an ARC of this book:

God, I hope I get it. It has been on my to-read list literally for months now. Here are some others I entered to win:

and I would be SUPER excited if I won these two:

“The Glimpse” sounds like a completely amazing book. I mean, how could a book about a futuristic world where people are divided into communities based on their mental health NOT be good? So far, I have not read or heard of any dystopian novels that deal with mental illness, and there aren’t too many contemporary ones for young adults out there anyway.

“Born Wicked” just sounds delicious. Utterly. Delicious.

Dearest darlingest Goodreads,
please make me the happiest girl alive and select (haha) me…

also, the fact that the  main character of this book’s name is Oddily alone makes me want to read it

Apparently, though, some of the factors for being chosen, besides the phases of the moon (very clever, Goodreads) include the audience for my blog, how many followers, etc., so please, follow me?


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