Blood in Books

Has anyone else noticed that authors tend to describe blood in exactly the same way? It always tastes/smells metallic or coppery, is sticky, and is red. While you can’t really do anything about the red part as a writer, unless you’re maybe writing about a fairy with blue blood or something, can’t you think of something a little more original? I don’t think I’ve ever read a description of blood in a book that seemed convincing/believable. This could be because most writers haven’t actually got any experience with large amounts of blood, but still. If I read back through all of the vampire, dystopian, paranormal books etc, that I have read throughout my life, and took a shot each time someone described blood as “metallic,” I think I’d have died of alcohol poisoning by age 11. It’s not that I think every writer needs to go out and murder someone or take up surgery to write convincingly, but could we please have a little bit of originality here?


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