After Lena gets separated from Alex at the end of “Delirium,” Lena escapes into the wilds where she becomes part of the resistance.

I’d like to begin this review by saying that I think Lauren Oliver’s new series is one of the most unique dystopian series out there today. The idea of love being a disease is not something I’ve read about before. I actually liked the second book, “Pandemonium,” much more than “Delirium.” Part of me knows that both books had fairly predictable plots, but it was Ms. Oliver’s poetic writing that reeled me in. Both books were very addictive. When I finally bought the book, I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to just rip through it because it was so good or savor it because I knew I’d have to wait a long time for the final installment in the series.

I have to say: THE ENDING. I knew there was a big cliff hanger at the end based on all the buzz on other book blogs, and I was pretty sure I knew what it was (I was right), but still. LAUREN OLIVER WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME??!?!?!?!? I also found the (SPOILER) romance predictable, but it was still worth reading because obviously Lena has the conflict because of Alex being dead.

The only other thing I had a real problem with was the part just before the “surprise” when Raven tells Lena about a boy who came in from Portland, because of course there is only one boy from Portland who could possibly be significant to the plot. Still, said boy had no right to say to Julian “Don’t believe her.” Lena would never have done anything with Julian had she believed Alex was alive.

So, here we are, with another dystopian love triangle. But still, I can’t wait for the next book…


The Hunger Games–Suzanne Collins

Matched–Allie Condie



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