A post-apocolyptic Cinderella.


Debut author Marissa Meyer joins ranks with other young adult sci-fi writers including Beth Revis and Veronica Rossi.

This is certainly the most out-there version of Cinderella’s story I’ve ever heard. I thought it was clever of Meyer to put an old fairytale into the popular post-apocolyptic setting favored by so many young adult writers today.

The book was a bit too sci-fi for my taste (not that that will prevent me from reading the rest of the series), what with all of the androids and cyborgs and space ships. At times I felt that that element was just a cover for the fact that the writer couldn’t really craft an interesting story.

Besides that, I found the plot a little too predictable. I realize that could be at least partially due to the Cinderella factor, but there certainly could have been ways for Meyer to add complexity to the plot. On the note of complexity, I did not find the characters particularly dynamic either. It was too obvious who we were supposed to like and who we weren’t, and I think an author has written a solid character when the reader can go back and forth. Everybody in the book was very one-dimensional, which, again, may have been due to the Cinderella factor.

All in all, I felt the writer relied too much on the Cinderella story as a plot device and that prevented her from crafting multi-dimensional characters and plot.



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