Top Ten Tuesday: LGBTQ books

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created by the blog The Broke and the Bookish. Each week I will post my own Top Ten lists here of books I am particularly fond of that relate to one topic, genre, etc.

Top Ten #1, semi-in order:

1. Down to the Bone by Mayra Lazara Dole–This is one of my favorite books of all time, not just one of my favorite LGBT books for young adults. The main character is a young gay woman attending a Catholic school. When she is outed she is forced to leave the school. The story is that of her self discovery and finding a home within her strict Catholic Hispanic culture. I loved this book because I learned a lot about how an LGBT person might feel in a culture other than my own. It also made me realize how few books there are about these topics and others where the character is not white. It was a total eye-opener and was beautifully written and very moving.

2. Parrotfish by Ellen Wittlinger–The first of three E. W. novels to be on this list. Parrotfish was the first book I read where the protagonist was transgender. I had never really understood or thought much about how difficult being a transgendered person is. Another life-changing read.

3. Hard Love by Ellen Wittlinger–I’m cheating a bit with this one, since LGBTQ issues are only in the background of this book. Still it’s one of my favorite books, so I had to include it on my first Top Ten list somehow.

4. Ash by Malinda Lo–So far the only fantasy I’ve read with a gay protagonist. Needless to say, I really like Malinda Lo for her creativity here making Cinderella (it’s a retelling) a lesbian.

5. Love & Lies: Marisol’s Story by Ellen Wittlinger–Okay, this is the last book by her that’ll be on the list, I promise. The only thing I don’t love about the book is the title. I mean really, Marisol’s StoryHow lame.

6. Beauty Queens by Libba Bray–This list would not be complete without this glorious book. This novel explores many issues that teens face, but LGBTQ issues are definitely prominent as well. You will find a review of this book if you go back through my archives.


7. Almost Perfect by Brian Katcher–I haven’t actually read this book, but it sounds really excellent. It is narrated by a boy who finds out the girl he’s been crushing on was once a boy. It’s definitely on my summer reading list.

8. The Miseducation of Cameron Post by Emily M. Danforth–Lesbian cowboys. Words cannot describe how excited that prospect makes me about reading this book.

9. Shine by Lauren Myracle–This book earned her a place at the top of the most frequently banned books list again this year. That fact alone makes me want to read it.

10. Anything by David Levithan. Anything.


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