When Kendra’s rapist starts stalking her, she must face her fears to figure out who he is.

This was an intense book. This is another book I got to read courtesy of NetGalley, and I am glad this book was put on the site though it has already been released because I most certainly would not have read it otherwise.

Books about cutting always make me feel a little uncomfortable or dissatisfied because not too many authors really, genuinely understand why teens cut. I imagine writing a book where your protagonist cuts themselves would be very difficult if the writer had not experienced it themselves due to all the stigma around cutting (the “they do it for attention” line always feels like a real punch in the stomach.)

I thought Rainfield did an excellent job of making readers understand why Kendra cut herself while also making one feel compassion rather than pity. She was also good at showing that Kendra is in fact a strong person, not just some whiny teen complaining about how her life isn’t perfect.

I also thought that each chapter was the perfect length. They were all long enough to pull you in, but short enough so that you didn’t get overwhelmed by the extreme gravity of Kendra’s depression.

In addition to those things, this book kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time. Rainfield managed to create suspense within this dark story, making it even better. I felt she gave the clues at all the right moments and never bombarded the reader with them. I also liked that I was kept guessing until the end about who had raped Kendra when she was a little girl. Sometimes in books where there is an element of mystery, the answer can seem outlandish and as though it couldn’t have possibly be guessed. This definitely wasn’t a problem in Rainfield’s book. I felt I could go back and pick out all the evidence leading to the conclusion, which is something I appreciate in a story.

While I feel it would be inappropriate to say I enjoyed the book due to the subject matter, I felt it was quite good and Rainfield handled multiple difficult issues with grace.


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