Rape Girl


Again, special thanks to NetGalley

After she is raped at her own party, Valerie’s life becomes a living hell.

I’ll be honest; I did not like this book. I also don’t think that it will turn out to be incredibly marketable. This is mainly due to the title, “Rape Girl,” which kind of puts a reader off from the start, and also the cover. I mean, what IS that? I’m not sure if it’s supposed to be symbolic of something in the book or what, but it is an ugly cover.

I also think the story won’t be one that a lot of people will want to read. Don’t get me wrong, I know of many books about rape that have been really popular (take Laurie Halse Anderson’s Speak, for example). The plot was very one-dimensional, solely focusing on the rape. Other books about rape I have read have been much more dynamic and multi-dimensional. I felt like not enough happened, but thankfully the book was short, at only 129 pages.

In addition to the plot being one-dimensional, I didn’t find the characters particularly interesting either. I didn’t like any of them very much, even the protagonist. When she talked about giving her sister unnecessary meds to get her to sleep so she wouldn’t ruin the party, I just wasn’t able to feel bad for her. I am not at all saying that I think the rape was Valerie’s fault, but I didn’t like her as a person in general.

Also, while as an educated woman I understand that victim blaming happens and women rarely win rape cases, it was still very difficult to read in a book. This book made me so angry, which I guess was the point, but it was so difficult to read that it made me irritable during the times I wasn’t attached to my screen reading it.

This book tells an important story, but as a literary work, I do not anticipate success.


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