Stella becomes concerned when her new friend Ruby, a dazzlingly beautiful transfer from Utah, starts dating a much older man.

Honestly, I hated this book. I didn’t like any of the characters. I didn’t relate to any of them and didn’t have much sympathy even for the protagonist. The only reason I bothered slugging through it was because Marshall Cavendish was kind enough to grant me the privilege of reading it for free.

I’ll start with Estelle/Stella. I didn’t believe her. For a girl who supposedly has been raising her younger siblings for a few years and whose father was a Coke addict, she seemed awfully naive. It didn’t seem realistic to me that she would be so worried about dating a college-aged guy. A lot of girls in high school date boys in college; it’s not that unusual in today’s world. To me, Stella’s innocence, besides seeming unrealistic, made the book not as interesting as it could have been, as I felt like Stella didn’t really change too much throughout the story. I notice that that can happen when you have a narrator essentially telling somebody else’s story.

I also didn’t like Ruby. Despite the fact that she had obviously gone through a trauma at her school in Utah, she was just too petty and rude to really like. I also didn’t appreciate that she put Stella, her supposed new best friend, in such uncomfortable positions. I thought she was fairly naive as well, believing basically everything Kenneth, her much-older boyfriend, told her. I don’t know how many girls would be so trusting of a man, especially an older, creepy man, after going through what Ruby did in Utah.

All in all, this book was a big disappointment and I really wouldn’t recommend it.


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