Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite Fictional Couples

1. Cordelia Kenn and William Black – This is All is one of my all-time favorite books. I loved William Black very much and, though the plot twist at the end was sad, I was still a bit happy because obviously I would find a way to go into the book and take dear Liam for myself.

2. Hazel Lancaster and Augustus Waters – Maybe it’s because I just read The Fault in our Stars, but I think these two do deserve a high place on this list. I liked that these two shared real things with each other and had deep conversations. They fit really well together and the progression of their relationship flowed very well and I enjoyed reading their bantering dialogue.

3. Lyra and Will – Theirs is one of the saddest, most beautiful romances I’ve ever read. Though they were young in The Subtle Knife and The Amber Spyglass, their feelings for each other were very deep and genuine.

4. Meggie and Farid – Of course the romance in Inkheart had to be between a book lover and a fictional boy, and of course it had to be on this list.

5. Lennie and Joe – I had the privilege of reading a galley of The Sky is Everywhere, and boy am I glad I did. The writing as well as the story itself is just gorgeous; very moving.

6. Daisy and Edmund – They probably deserve to go higher on the list, but anyway. I won’t tell you too much about them because I don’t want to give away one of the most powerful aspects of How I Live Now.

7. Sarah and Ryan – The Unwritten Rule is probably my favorite of Elizabeth Scott’s books. The story was simple but perfectly done with a satisfying ending.

8. Sephy and Callum – Noughts & Crosses made such a big impact on me that this couple had to go on the list. Theirs is definitely one of the most moving relationships in YA lit I’ve ever come across. Also, apparently this list is not as in order as I’d hoped it would be…

9. Adam and Mia – Any boy who tells a girl “play me like a guitar” needs to go on this list. One of my favorite romantic scenes in YA lit.

10. Ky and Cassia, Peeta and Katniss, Lena and Alex – Okay. I cheated. but Top Twelve Tuesday isn’t as catchy as Top Ten.


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