Daylight Saving

Title: Daylight Saving
Author: Edward Hogan
Publisher: Candlewick Press
Publication Date: September 11, 2012
Pages: 224
Genre: Contemporary
Source: NetGalley
Rating: 4/5

After his mum leaves, Daniel’s father decides to take them on holiday. Daniel hates sports, and his father has sunk into drink and depression, so his expectations of the trip to Leisure World Holiday Complex are low. Then, he saves the life of a mysterious girl whose watch ticks backwards and who has bruises that seem to be getting worse instead of better as the time flies…

This was a really unique, entertaining story. Ghost stories aren’t normally my thing, but I quite enjoyed this one. Having the time go backwards was an interesting device, and made for a suspenseful story and clever title.

I loved Daniel’s sincere, sarcastic voice. His evolution as a character felt very natural and believable. He was very different from other male narrators I have come across.

I thought Hogan handled the relationship between Daniel and his father very well. The way he wrote about Daniel’s struggle with his guilt and his need to take care of his father was very powerful. I was glad that at the end they had reconciled some of their issues, and also that Hogan did not have everything end perfectly.

I also liked Lexi. I loved learning about the Crow tribe with Daniel. One thing I wish is that we got to see a bit of Lexi before her death. She also seemed different from your average young adult female character, mostly due to what she said about men being filled with hate. I thought that was very interesting, especially considering the author was male. Her reactions to things Daniel said and did and to what happened to her all seemed very realistic.

I felt everything moved along at a good pace. The action and suspense was understated and more subtle than your average ghost/paranormal young adult story, but that worked very well.

This was a quality ghost story and I certainly wish it the best.


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