Waiting on Wednesday

When I read the summary of this book on Goodreads for the first time, I was a little skeptical. Magic fish? Fish-human hybrids? But then, I read the comments below the summary. There is no way I am not reading a book about “gay fish sex?!” and “gay fish boy?!” Even the author commented on it, saying we have her permission to call it “magicgayfish” for “forever and ever.” Plus, here’s her own playlist for the book:

1) The Island–The Decemberists
2) A Sea Chanty of Sorts–Margot and the Nuclear So and So’s
3) Human–The Killers
4) I Like You So Much Better When You’re Naked–Ida Maria
5) Soul Meets Body–Death Cab for Cutie
6) Boys Keep Swinging–David Bowie
7) Skin and Bones–Motion City Soundtrack
8) You Must Be Out of Your Mind–The Magnetic Fields
9) History Lesson–Motion City Soundtrack
10) The General–Dispatch
11) When I Was a Boy–Dar Williams
12) Stop Breathing–Pavement
13) The Ocean–Dar Williams
14) Same Old Stuff–The Feeling
15) You Are My Joy–The Reindeer Section
16) Firefly–Breaking Benjamin
17) Bring It Back–Kris Allen
18) The Professor–Damien Rice
19) Land Locked Blues–Bright Eyes
20) Virgin Mountain–Loch Lomond
21) The Blower’s Daughter–Damien Rice
22) Black Bird–Evan Rachel Wood
23) White Horse–Taylor Swift
24) Cold Water–Damien Rice


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