Top Ten Tuesday: Facts about Minority Characters in 2011 lit

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by Jill at Breaking the Spine.

I found a couple of interesting articles relating to book stats from 2011. One was from Kate Hart and the other was from YA author Malinda Lo so…here we go.

1. 90% of 2011 books featured a white character. Wow. Talk about whitewashing. I mean, really. I didn’t realize the number was so big. And, on that note…

2. 1.4% featured a Latina(o) character.
Among these were “Carmen” by Walter Dean Myers, “Chain Reaction” by Simone Elkeles, and “Luminous” by Dawn Metcalf

3. Another 1.4% featured an Asian character, including “Huntress” by Malinda Lo, “Clockwork Prince” by Cassandra Clare, and “Goliath” by Scott Weterfeld

4. Only 1.2% of YA books published in 2011 had black characters. What is important to note about this stat is that unlike the Latino and Asian characters, the majority of those characters were not depicted front and center.

5. Most books featuring black characters showed them in the background behind a white girl, with their face obscured, or beheaded, along with two white friends.

6. That brings me to my next stat regarding the depiction of women in YA books. 20% of covers in 2011 showed a model with their head either completely or mostly cut off.

7. In 6.6% of covers, the characters on them were either dead or dying.

8. Only 25 books featured an LGBTQ character in 2011.

9. 50 of those characters were male, and

10. The publisher who produced the most LGBTQ books was Simon & Schuster.


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