Mixtape Mondays: Paradise

For this week’s Mixtape Monday, I’ve put together a playlist to go along with Joanna Nadin’s Paradise

1. I Didn’t See it Coming–Belle & Sebastian–for Billie & Het

Make me dance, I want to surrender
Your familiar arms, I remember
Everybody’s talking about you
Every word’s a whisper without you

2. I Want You–Rachael Yamagata–Billie for Danny

I  want you
And no one
No one else will do
You, or no one
No one is the only one
To fill the empty space I hold for you

3. I’ll Drown–Soley–for all characters

You’ll never escape
from this sad, sad house,
I take his hand,
we sink.

4. Dead Hearts–Stars–for Het

Please, please tell me what they look like
Did they seem afraid of you?
They were kids that I once knew
They were kids that I once knew

5. My Number–Tegan & Sara–Het & Tom

It’s a silly time to learn to swim 
When you start to drown
It’s a silly time to learn to swim 
On the way down

6. for the Sake of Drowning–stephanie dosen–Het & Tom

When you went away, you forgot to make me
A paper-trail behind you.
I just don’t know how I can find you now.
Or if it’s even you that’s lost.
Oh, the earth has no corners,
And my map is square.
The translation is making me crazy,
No, I can’t hardly sleep,
I’ve been up all week,
And I’ll be dying to move on.

7. Wish I Could Forget–The Weepies–Billie & Danny

Standing in the sun smoking quiet cigarettes
Just before I let you down
Funny how a heart shatters all at once
Seems like it should make a sound

Monday come like Tuesday
You were something else, I will admit
I remember what you told me
Only wish I could forget
Only wish I could forget

8. When We Swam–Thao Nguyen–Billie & Danny

When we swam our love to pieces
We washed up on messy beaches
You cleaned dry, I would not drift yet
I should drink salt water to forget

9. Runs in the Family–Amanda Palmer–for Het & Billie

I can run from the law, I can run from myself
I can run from my life, I can run into debt
I can run from it all, I can run ’til I’m gone
I can run for the office and run for my cause
I can run using every last ounce of energy
I cannot, I cannot, I cannot run from my family

They’re hiding inside of me, corpses on ice
Come in if you like but just don’t tell my family
They’d never forgive me, they’d say that I’m crazy
But they would say anything if it would shut me up

10. What if No One’s Watching–Ani Difranco–Jonty, Tom, & Het

but what
what if no one’s watching
what if when we’re dead, we’re just dead
what if there’s no time to lose
what if there’s things we gotta do
things that need to be said


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