A Celebration of Noah Shaw

In anticipation of the review of The Evolution of Mara Dyer that will be published tomorrow, I have compiled a list of my favorite Noah Shaw moments for your personal enjoyment and extreme swooning…

1. I couldn’t stop my smile. “What is it with you and girls’ bathrooms?” I asked, watching his eyes.
The corner of his mouth lifted. “That is a fair question. In my defense, they’re much cleaner than boys’ bathrooms, and they do seem to be everywhere.”

2. I blinked. “You gave a child, in a psych ward, a lighter.”
His eyes crinkled at the corners. “She seemed trustworthy.”
“You’re sick,” I said, but smiled.
“Nobody’s perfect.” Noah smiled back.

3. “Shut up.”
“Make Me.”
“Grow up.”

4. “Now you’re just being cruel.”
“I like pushing your buttons.”
“You’d enjoy it more if you undid them first.”

5. “Noah,” I said cautiously. “What did you do to that poor whale?”

“She’s fine,” he said. “I only pushed someone into her tank.”
“You didn’t.”
“A little bit, yes.”

6. “You totally were. You were watching me sleep.”
“No. That would be creepy. And boring. Watching you shower, perhaps…”


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