Title: Speechless
Author: Hannah Harrington
Publisher: HarlequinTeen
Publication Date: August 28, 2012
Pages: 288
Genre: Contemporary/LGBT
Source: Eidelweiss
Rating: 4/5
Picture Perfect: render me speechless
Protagonist Pizzaz: pretty high
Va va va voice: p(r)eachy keen
Mph: 50

Everyone knows what Chelsea Knot, queen of gossip, did at her best friend’s New Year’s Eve party to land one boy in the hospital and two of her friends in jail. What they don’t know, or rather, understand, is why she’s taken a vow of silence, or when she’ll find her voice again.

Picture Perfect: render me speechless
Go America. Your cover is so much better than the Australian one. Just sayin’. But really, the US cover is super cool and clean, and I can’t think of what could be better. It’s creative even though it’s stark, and it’s certainly not as hokey/cliche as the Australian cover.

Protagonist Pizzaz: pretty high & Va va va voice: p(r)eachy keen

The only real “problem” I had with this book was that sometimes it got too preachy. Like, at the end, Harrington basically spells out the lesson Chelsea learned in a manner I found a little irritating. I think the lesson is pretty obvious and the way she chose to show it was just unnecessary. Other than that, I thought Chelsea’s voice (no pun intended) was authentically sixteen without being outlandishly shallow, which seems to happen frequently in younger young adult novels. She was believable and genuine and ended up being really likable. Her story was honest, heartwarming, and sometimes heart-wrenching.

Mph: 50
Speechless was very steadily-paced, without any major climaxing to make the literary speedometer go wild, which kept there from being any major down-time.


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