Caged in Myth: Interview

Today, we are fortunate to have J. T. Fairfield, author of “Caged in Myth” with us. Thank you for being Bibliophilia’s first guest spot author ever! We hope to have many more 🙂

1. Please describe Caged in Myth in five words or less.

Louisiana, magic, hunger, danger, metamorphosis

2. Was there anything specific that inspired you to write Caged in Myth?

I wrote a thesis paper on Ancient Egyptian Mythology during my senior year of college and my love of mythology has stayed strong throughout the years.

3. How did you choose the setting for Caged in Myth?

My first job after college was as a large hoofstock keeper and elephant handler at the Baton Rouge Zoo in Louisiana. I spent years working as a zookeeper and veterinary assistant in both Louisiana and Ohio. There was never a question of where this book would be set. The sultry heat of southern Louisiana is a perfect fit for the plot and characters in
Caged in Myth.

4. Why did you decide to write an LGBT protagonist for this particular story?

Hmmmm… During my teen years, I put the “B” in LGBT, but that isn’t the reason I decided to write this story. I wasn’t a “normal” teen and this had nothing to do with my sexuality at the time. I read Emily Dickinson poems and spent 90% of my time alone in the country riding my horse. I didn’t “get” the other kids, and they sure as heck didn’t get me. I guess I wanted to build a world where the teens had more important things to deal with than who was taking them to the homecoming dance. A world where the strange aren’t relegated to the dark corners under a bed but live a life of work and love and hurt just like everyone else. As for the main character being gay, that is how Jay presented himself to me when I sat down to complete his character outline. It wasn’t my intention to write an LGBT book, Jay just happened to be gay.


5. What do you think makes Caged in Myth unique from other young adult books?


One of the things I love about Caged in Myth is it is told in first person point of view from the voice of a male main character. Most of the books I find written in first person follow a female lead.

6. What sparked your interest in mythology?

I must be psychic! I answered this question above in #2

7. Do you have any writing rituals?

Quiet. Quiet is my ritual. If I have to write at 2am to have silence while I work, I’ll stay awake and write at 2am. It’s impossible for me to write new material while trying to ignore distractions.
8. Anything else you’d like to add?
Caged in Myth has a cliffhanger ending, beware! This is the first book in a series and reads more like a serial novel.  Read at your own risk 😉

While Caged in Myth is written under J.T. Fairfield, my adult genre books are written under S.J. Drum. I can be found at


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