In My Mailbox 1-31-12, and a Question


Purchased (for less than $40!):

Before I Fall – Lauren Oliver
Forgiven – Janet Fox
Breathe – Sarah Crossan
Irises – Francisco X. Stork
Perfect You – Elizabeth Scott
Fury – Elizabeth Miles
Monstrous Beauty – Elizabeth Fama (many Elizabeths, oh my!)

I bought these at a used book store in Maryland, and had somewhat of an interesting experience I would like an opinion on from my fellow book bloggers. The first three were ARCs, but for some reason, there were price tags on them, though as I’m sure any publisher will tell you, it’s illegal to sell Advanced Readers Copies. They’re not finished books, and you’re supposed to be buying the real thing, not the Arcs, which cost money to produce and of which only a limited number are made. Even authors don’t get a lot of ARCs.

So, when I went to buy the books, I informed the cashier that selling ARCs is illegal, and at first, he said “Oh, we’ll take them off the inventory and then PUT THEM IN RECYCLING.” I was so stunned by that it took me asking what would happen to them if I couldn’t take them a second time to realize what he meant. Then, I asked if there was any way I could just have them, because besides the fact that I wanted them, I felt it would be incredibly disrespectful to throw an ARC, even a backlisted title, into recycling. You should not work at a bookstore if you even consider the idea of recycling a book. The cashier went to talk to the manager, who apparently said that they were allowed to sell them. Is there any possible way this could be true? Are bookstores ever allowed to sell an Advanced Readers Copy of a book? Is there anything I could/should do if the practice is, as I suspect, illegal?


2 thoughts on “In My Mailbox 1-31-12, and a Question

  1. Great post! This actually just happened to me the other day… I was at Goodwill and apparently someone in my area had a bunch of ARCs that they donated go Goodwill. Okay… BUT people are BUYING them from Goodwill. Since I’m a book blogger and I know what a huge no-no that is, I rescued them. I felt TERRIBLE buying ARCs, but I didn’t want other people to be buying them without knowing what they actually were or what their purpose was. I still feel bad for buying them, but really half of them were books I already owned too. I just hate seeing people buy ARCs. I’ll probably end up giving them to other bloggers to “keep them in the family” so to speak. I actually hadn’t even thought to speak to a manager for some reason. And it shocked me too because half of them say right on the cover “NOT FOR SALE”. *shrugs* I’m interested to hear other people’s encounters if this has happened to them!

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