DAC February

I’ll be posting the debut author releases of each month along with mini-summaries in the spirit of the 2013 debut author challenge!

February 1

Blaze (or Love in the Time of Supervillains) – Laurie Boyle Crompton
Sexting, revenge, and comic books. See my Waiting on Wednesday post for more.

February 5


Pantomime – Laura Lam
Micah and Gene hold the secrets to a lost civilization.


City of a Thousand Dolls – Miriam Forster
Abandoned at the city gates as a baby, 16-year-old Nisha lives at an orphanage for girls as the matron’s assistant, and begins to imagine a life beyond the city walls when she starts a forbidden flirtation, until girls start dying around her.


Me, Him, Them, and It – Caela Carter
Good-girl Evelyn decides to piss off her parents by getting a bad reputation, but ends up pregnant.


Etiquette & Espionage – Gail Carriger
Set 25 years before the Parasol Protectorate series, fourteen-year-old Sophronia’s mother unknowingly sends her willful daughter to finishing school, where she learns about death and deceit alongside dance and etiquette.


Me & My Invisible Guy – Sarah Jeffrey
Mallory Dane created Todd, her fictional boyfriend, to avoid dealing with boys and sex, but then guitar-playing Liam comes along and makes her question her invisible guy, and whether Liam is worth exposing her own lies for.

February 7


The Ruining – Anna Collomore
Annie’s perfect job as a nanny takes a turn for the dark and sinister.

February 12


Pivot Point – Kasie West
Addie is a Searcher, someone who can see the future when faced with two choices. When her parents divorce and her father moves out of their paranormal compound to live with the “Norms,” Addie sees two futures, both with love and loss, and must choose which she wants to live through.

Adobe Photoshop PDF

The Reece Malcolm List – Amy Spalding
Devan is shipped off to L. A. to live with a mother she’s never met to pursue her musical dreams at a performing arts school.

February 19


Crash & Burn – Michael Hassan
Crash saved more than 1,000 people when he stopped classmate David Burnett from holding their high school hostage with assault rifles and explosives, but has held on to a terrible secret about their face-off until now.

February 21


The Sweet Revenge of Celia Door – Karen Finneyfrock
Celia must choose between revenge and love.


The 39 Deaths of Adam Strand – Gregory Galloway
A story of a boy who kills himself 39 times, waking up every time more determined to succeed.


The Different Girl – Gordon Dahlquist
Four nearly identical girls get their lives turned upside down when a new girl is shipwrecked on their peaceful desert island.

February 26


Dualed – Elsie Chapman
In order to stay a citizen in the safe haven of Kersh, everyone must kill their Alt, a twin raised by another family, prior to their twentieth birthday, but tragedy causes West Grayer to question whether she is truly the best version of herself.


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