Waiting on Wednesday: Edelweiss Wish List

I requested these books from Edelweiss a few weeks ago and haven’t heard back, but I’m still hoping because they all sound fantastic!



Transparent – Natalie Whipple
About a girl who’s – you guessed it – invisible

The Ward – Jordana Frankel
A dystopian thriller about a girl searching for a way to save her sister.

Wild Awake – Hilary T. Smith
A wild summer is in store for Kiri Byrd

September Girls – Bennett Madison
Sam finds himself at a mysterious beach town with strange, beautiful, blonde girls

Another Little Piece – Kate Karyus Quinn
Stephen King + Sara Shepherd = Kate Karyus Quinn’s spooky debut

Born of Illusion – Teri Brown
In 1920s NYC, young Anna works as an assistant for her mother, a famous medium, and tries to hide her special gifts from the world.

Parallel – Lauren Miller
Every time Abby’s younger self makes a decision, her current self is thrown into various parallel universes and is forced to live out the consequences to choices she didn’t make.

Reboot – Amy Tintera
After being shot three times and being dead for 178 minutes, Wren is now Texas’ most powerful Reboot, an emotionless soldier with super strength and healing abilities.

Severed Heads, Broken Hearts – Robyn Schneider
When Ezra’s knee is shattered in a car accident, he loses his popularity and his athletic ability.


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