Cover Reveal: Taste Test

Aaaand in other debut news, the cover for Kelly Fiore’s Taste Test has been released! I have to say I’m very glad I already planned on reading it before the cover came out, because if I had just based my decision on the cover, I must say I probably wouldn’t have been as excited about it. This cover is ridiculously cheesy and I really hope the story inside doesn’t reflect the cover design, since this is one of the debuts I’m most excited about. I mean, first we have them kissing behind the pan, coupled with that cheesy saying “If you can’t take the heat stay out of the kitchen.” I mean, I guess I can see it being used as sort of a catch phrase for the reality show along the line of Project Runway’s “One day you’re in, the next day you’re out,” but if it’s just there as some sort of way to entice people to read it, I’m a little concerned about the designer’s lack of creativity. Still, despite my cover blues, I’m still really excited for this book and wish I didn’t have to wait until August to read it!



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