THE HOLDERS: Character Interview

As part of the tour for The Holders, I was able to interview Becca:


1. Please describe yourself in three words.

Controlling (yeah, I can admit that), Protective, and maybe, kind of, sort of Hot-Headed. (Yeah, I’ll admit that too—or maybe it’s just that there is no use denying it.)

2. What makes you unique as a person?

Well, I guess there is the whole ‘genius’ thing. I’m advanced, or that’s how they put it, anyway. I am 17 now, and I actually graduated high school two years ago. Sounds great, but honestly it’s been more annoying than anything else.

3. Can you describe your family for us?

Mom, Judith, and little brother, Ryland. It’s just the three of us—of at least that’s all that worth mentioning.

4. Who in your family are you closest to?

Ry and I are pretty close, not that he’d ever admit it. He’s had it kind of rough growing up, so it’s my job to be there for him. Mom does her best, but, well… she hasn’t had it all that easy either.

5. If you could change one thing about your life, what would it be?

Ryland is… let’s just say he has an issue, and it makes life hard for him. For all of us, really. I’d do anything to help him with that if I could.

6. What have your past experiences with love and romance been like?

Haha… yeah. Like I said, I was advanced, usually a few years younger than the rest of the kids I knew, and most guys don’t want to date someone who could be their little sister.

7. What are your biggest dreams for the future? Fears?

Not sure. I guess I’ll go to college at some point. But then fear is kind of why I’m not there now. Not fear of college itself, but of leaving and… other things. I don’t know, one day maybe, but for now, I’m needed at home.


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