Rewind & Review: March 2013

This is a new feature I discovered on a cool blog called Bookshelvers Anonymous.

Rewind & Review is a monthly book blog hop where we review the previous month. We talk about books we bought, received for review, or were given as gifts, as well as recap our posts. Other options include recapping hot topics, highlighting great comments, or trumpeting favorite reviews.

If you would like to post your own Rewind & Review meme post, just follow the instructions:

– Create a blog post detailing your month in review. Those details can include the suggestions above or something I’ve haven’t mentioned. It’s all up to you.

– Place the meme button somewhere in your post AND give credit to Bookshelvers Anonymous. (No stealing.)

– Link to Bookshelvers Anonymous somewhere in your post.

– Consider adding the meme button somewhere on your site for others to follow. THIS IS NOT REQUIRED. However, it’d be awfully nice of you.

– Once your post has aired, add the link to your post to the link list below. When you add your link, I pinky promise to visit your post and comment, and putting the link will make it easier for others to find you as well.



This month I was lucky enough to be a tour host for Julianna Scott’s wonderful debut, The Holders. She was really great to work with and I loved her book, so it was just a good experience all around. Besides doing a review, I also interviewed Becca, the main character of this new series.

The Holders: Review
The Holders: Character Interview


I reviewed 8 books this month. My favorites were Level 2, Mila 2.0, Pivot Point, and Scarlet. The books I was most surprised by this month were Scarlet and Being Henry David. I didn’t really like Scarlet‘s predecessor, so I was quite shocked by how much I loved it. Being Henry David turned out much differently than I thought it would, and I am very happy I requested it on NetGalley on a whim, because it would have been a major loss to have ignored that book.

Level 2 – Lenore Applehans
What Happens Next – Colleen Clayton
The Dead and Buried – Kim Harrington
Dualed – Elsie Chapman
Mila 2.0 – Debra Driza
Pivot Point – Kasie West
Scarlet – Marissa Meyer
Being Henry David – Cal Armistead

Not reviewed: Emma – Jane Austen


This month I read five debuts (Level 2, Dualed, Mila 2.0, Pivot Point, and Being Henry David), bringing my number of books for the Debut Author Challenge of 2013 up to 14.

Meme Posts

I had a lot of fun this month with the weekly meme posts Top Ten Tuesday and Waiting on Wednesday. I discovered a lot of interesting-sounding books, and even got around to a Mixtape Mondays post for Mila 2.0 (sometimes you read a book that just HAS to have a soundtrack). The most fun Top Ten Tuesday post for me was writing about the Top Ten Books I HAD to buy…But Are Still Sitting On My Shelf Unread. Besides the actual books, I also listed approximately how long they’ve been on my shelf, and I hope someone found that as amusing reading it as I did writing it. For my WoW posts, the book I’m most excited about is probably Trish Doller’s upcoming Where the Stars Still Shine. I was fascinated and blown away by Something Like Normal, and I’m ridiculously excited to see what she does next.

Mixtape Mondays:
Mila 2.0

Top Ten Tuesday:
Books I Recommend the Most
Books I HAD to Buy…But Are Still Sitting On My Shelf Unread
Books on my Spring TBR List
Series I’d Like to Start but Haven’t Yet

Waiting on Wednesday:
Wake Up Missing
Where the Stars Still Shine
The Sound
Fault Line

Book Disappointments
Writing Reviews 101
Favorite Book Blogs

Bought, Gifted, and Received

Here are the books I either purchased or was given via NetGalley or Eidelweiss. Does not include library books.

1609630715710557959391316071885cover19418-mediumcover28687-medium15768498124785331643154013642385cover23150-mediumthe-dead-and-buried1580886913325854cover22081-medium1480033115841929Photo on 2013-03-31 at 11.30

From NetGalley:

Some Quiet Place – Kelsey Sutton
Zenn Scarlett – Christian Schoon
Pretty Dark Nothing – Heather L. Reid
Thin Space – Jody Casella
Anthem for Jackson Dawes – Celia Bryce

OTHER:Shallow Pond – Alissa Grosso
The Deepest Night – Shana Abe
A Corner of White – Jaclyn Moriarty
Another 365 Days – K. E. Payne
The Dead and Buried – Kim Harrington
When Love Comes to Town – Tom Lennon
The Rose Throne – Mette Ivie Harrison

From Eidelweiss:
Strangelets – Michelle Gagnon
A Map of Tulsa – Benjamin Lytal

Requiem – Lauren Oliver
The Madness Underneath – Maureen Johnson
Lola and the Boy Next Door – Stephanie Perkins
Leverage – Joshua Cohen
Choke – Chuck Palahniuk
The Waiting Sky – Lara Zielin

Other Posts

March 2013 DAC


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