DAC April 2013

This month’s debut novels with five-word summaries.

April 1


That Time I Joined the Circus – J. J. Howard
Tragedy, love, and the circus

My Life After Now – Jessica Verdi
Taking chances, HIV, life changes

In the Shadow of Blackbirds – Cat Winters
Multimedia, Spanish influenza, and war

April 2


Vengeance Bound – Justina Ireland
Asylum escapee, assassin, the Furies

April 4


After Eden – Helen Douglas
Time travel, lies, mysterious boy

April 16


Taken – Erin Bowman
Dystopia, no men, boys taken

April 18


The Symptoms of My Insanity – Mindy Raf
Hypochondria, denial, sick mother, boys

April 23


Pretty Dark Nothing – Heather L. Reid
Dreams of demons and death

April 30


Anthem for Jackson Dawes – Celia Bryce
Fear, cancer, hospitals, first love


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