Level 2: Version 2.0

I found out last night that Lenore Applehans is going to be making a couple changes to The Memory Chronicles. She announced on her website yesterday that from this point on, Level 2 will now be known as The Memory of After, and Level 3 will be called Chasing Before. Apparently, Lenore was getting a lot of consumer feedback that they were confused by the title, thinking that it was a sequel to something. While I understand how that could be confusing, I personally prefer the title Level 2. I think The Memory of After sounds a bit tired and cliche, the same with Chasing Before. Obviously the title change won’t stop me from reading the sequel(s), but I will probably think of them as Level 2 and Level 3 forever. However, I do love the new cover. The old cover wasn’t bad or anything, I just think this one’s crisper and cooler. According to Lenore, the new cover was actually a part of the photo shoot for Level 2, which is pretty cool. What are your thoughts on the title/cover change?

images                   A_front_MEMORY+OF+AFTER


One thought on “Level 2: Version 2.0

  1. Laurie Parr says:

    Nothoughts on the title or cover but lots of positive thoughts about this smart, creative and beautiful blogger! Love, love, love, Mim


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