Happy Birthday, Bibliophilia!

Bibliophilia is officially one year old and, according to Piaget, in the sensorimotor stage of development! (Yay!) In honor of my blogiversary, I will be completing a short survey designed to document my time as a blogger. Enjoy!

Birthday cupcake

What is your favorite part about blogging?
My favorite part about blogging is definitely getting to be involved in a community with people who share my interests. It’s great to know that there are other people out there who share your passions. I also love when someone writes to me to say they want to read a book because of a review I wrote. Interacting with authors has also been a wonderful experience, and of course it’s always a treat when an author comments on a post I wrote.

What are the top ten books you would recommend that you’ve read during your time as a blogger?
Eleanor & Park – Rainbow Rowell
Teeth – Hannah Moskowitz
Erebos – Ursula Poznanski
The Selection – Kiera Cass
The Murmurings – Carly Anne West
Splintered – A. G. Howard
Miss Fortune Cookie – Lauren Bjorkman
Forgotten – Cat Patrick
Masque of the Red Death – Bethany Griffin
The Strange Angels series – Lili St. Crow

What are the next five books you will be reviewing?
Mortality – Kellie Sheridan
The Stone Girl – Alyssa B. Scheimel
The Different Girl – Gordon Dahlquist
Sever – Lauren DeStefano
Chantress – Amy Butler Greenfield or The Book of Broken Hearts – Sarah Ockler

What has been your most popular post? The post with the most comments?
Most Popular: Mixtape Mondays: You Against Me
Most Commented: In My Mailbox 7/20/12–Love&Demons and Waiting on Wednesday: When We Wake

What are the most popular topics you’ve written about?Family, love

Which reviews have been the most fun to write?
I really prefer writing reviews for books I loved rather than books I hated, unless the book was hilariously bad. The positive review I had the most fun writing was probably either Miss Fortune Cookie because I loved it so much, or The Murmurings because it was the tour review I enjoyed writing the most. The only negative review I truly enjoyed writing was for The S-Word, because it really just was a hot mess.


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