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Saying Goodbye to My First Blog Tour

Today marks the end of the blog tour for Mortality, and…wow. This has been so much fun, so much work, and so rewarding. I loved every minute of it. So, for those who are curious, I thought I’d give a quick rundown of the blog tour experience from the author’s perspective.

Before running my own tour, I had taken the reins on two others, volunteering my time for self-published authors with polished looking titles so that I could gain some experience in the field of book marketing. While I loved working with bloggers on both Mourning Cloak by Rabia Gale, and Ocean of Dust by Graeme Ing, it’s an entirely different beast when you’re running things for yourself. It was a lot of work, but I had a genuinely good time doing it.

I started planning for the tour all the way back in October or November when I did Mortality’s cover reveal. Every blog I invited to take part in the reveal was also given a link to sign up for a review copy and/or to join the tour. Between then and when the review copies were ready to go out in February, I had about 60 bloggers sign up for the tour. Again… wow! Things come up and TBR piles grow, so not all of those bloggers could ultimately participate in the tour, but I still had thirty-five! Thirty-five people who were excited to help me promote my first novel.

The next step was to organize dates and make sure each blogger had a review copy in the format of their choice. This involved a lot of back and forth emails, some with bloggers I’d worked with in the past, and some with new faces. The first two weeks of the tour were filled almost right away, and I was surprisingly lucky when it came to balancing posts and finding someone for each day rather than having several who could only post on one day. The tour itself came together nicely.

Then… the hard part. I love reading guest posts from authors, even once I haven’t heard of, so I assumed I would have no problem writing up 8-10 posts for my own tour. I mean, for the most part I could pick any topic I wanted. Easy, right? Not nearly as easy as you’d think. Every time I started up Word to write up a post, I’d spend at least a few minutes staring at the screen, totally unsure of what I wanted to talk about that day. More than once I scrapped an idea after I was already over halfway through writing the piece. I wanted to make sure that every one was a post worth reading. I ended up writing a lot about zombies, some spots about writing, a little about music, and then some random out in left field posts that I hope were still enjoyable.

The tour also featured lots of promo posts, some interviews and some really thoughtfully written reviews. I couldn’t be happier with the level of thought that each blogger put into their post.

So, that brings me to the end. Once I send this post to Shayna, I will officially be done with writing for this tour. I’ll of course still be promoting all the stops (I’m writing this on the 18th) and even doubling back to old posts to check on comments, but in a lot of ways… it’s done now.

I just want to say a big, BIG thank you to everyone who participated, everyone who added Mortality to Goodreads, everyone who commented on a post. Thank you all so much. My first experience in running my own tour was amazing, and I am so, so grateful.

All the best,


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