Rewind & Review: April 2013

This is a new feature I discovered on a cool blog called Bookshelvers Anonymous.

Rewind & Review is a monthly book blog hop where we review the previous month. We talk about books we bought, received for review, or were given as gifts, as well as recap our posts. Other options include recapping hot topics, highlighting great comments, or trumpeting favorite reviews.

If you would like to post your own Rewind & Review meme post, just follow the instructions:

– Create a blog post detailing your month in review. Those details can include the suggestions above or something I’ve haven’t mentioned. It’s all up to you.

– Place the meme button somewhere in your post AND give credit to Bookshelvers Anonymous. (No stealing.)

– Link to Bookshelvers Anonymous somewhere in your post.

– Consider adding the meme button somewhere on your site for others to follow. THIS IS NOT REQUIRED. However, it’d be awfully nice of you.

– Once your post has aired, add the link to your post to the link list below. When you add your link, I pinky promise to visit your post and comment, and putting the link will make it easier for others to find you as well.



This month, Kellie Sheridan, author of Mortality, a March debut, wrote a guest post for my blog as part of the tour for her book. I am still so happy I got the opportunity to be a part of this tour, and really appreciate Kellie including Bibliophilia.



I was super swamped with work this month so I didn’t get around to reading that many books, but that’ll change once the school year is over.

TOUR REVIEW: Mortality

Anthem for Jackson Dawes

I also reviewed Just One Day, although I didn’t actually end up finishing it. I think my opinion of it may have been influenced by the fact that it just wasn’t what I was in the mood for at the time, so I’ll most likely come back to it later.

Just One Day

Meme Posts


Monday Mix #1
(Sunday) Monday Mix
Monday Mix #3

This month, I started using the Monday Mix meme from Alexa at Alexa Loves Books. I have a lot of fun doing these posts because I get to give shout-outs to posts from other blogs I thought were cool.


Top Ten Characters I Would Crush On If I Were Also Fictional

Top Ten Tuesday REWIND: Spring TBR List

Top Ten Books I Thought I’d Like More/Less Than I Did

Top Ten Words/Topics That Instantly Make Me Buy/Pick Up A Book


The Watersong

The Lucy Variations

To Be Perfectly Honest

45 Pounds (More or Less)


Debut Author Challenge April 2013

For this month’s DAC roundup, I wrote five-word summaries for each debut. I plan to continue this method in future months.

LEVEL 2: Version 2.0

I also wrote about my opinion on the cover and title change for Lenore Applehans’ debut, Level 2, now The Memory of After.

Happy Birthday, Bibliophilia!

April 19th marked the one-year anniversary of my blog, so I wrote a post about it.

The Selection: A Rant

I got really fed up with how the general public keeps comparing The Hunger Games to The Selection, because they’re not at all alike. So I wrote a rant about it.


I am two books closer to my goal of reading 30 2013 debuts, bringing the number up to 16.

Bought, Gifted, and Received

I got a lot of cool books this month (I seriously need to stop requesting books. I have over 50 digital ARCs I need to read). I’m most excited about Just Like Fate, because I love Cat Patrick, and I also can’t wait to read The Elite. I also bought a few books on sale on Amazon, which was great (Sweet Evil and Variant). In addition, I decided to finally get The Lux series, and I can’t wait to read Obsidian. The book trailer for The Eternity Cure convinced me I need to read The Immortal Rules, so I have that series at home. I also just won a book giveaway and now own the complete Beautiful Creatures series.


From NetGalley:
The Sea of Tranquility – Katja Millay
Gameboard of the Gods – Richelle Mead
Dare You To – Katie McGarry
The Girl with the Iron Touch – Kady Cross
Burning – Elana K. Arnold
The Truth About You & Me – Amanda Grace
The Eternity Cure – Julie Kagawa
Piece of my Heart – Lynn Maddalena Mena
Crush, Candy, Corpse – Sylvia McNicoll
The After Girls – Leah Konen

From Edelweiss:
Just Like Fate – Suzanne Young & Cat Patrick


The Elite – Kiera Cass
Sweet Evil – Wendy Higgins
Variant – Robison Wells
The Immortal Rules – Julie Kagawa
Obsidian – Jennifer L. Armentrout


One thought on “Rewind & Review: April 2013

  1. 1. Welcome to R&R! Glad to have you.

    2. Also nice to meet a fellow DACer 🙂

    Thanks for joining this month! Next month, R&R will be a weekly thing for me, so you can either join in weekly or keep your posts monthly. I liked mine monthly, but thrift stores have made that an impossibility now. 😉

    Again, welcome!

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