The Monday Mix #4

The Monday Mix is a meme created by Alexa over at Alexa Loves Books. This meme post basically gives bloggers the opportunity to share some of their favorite posts from other sites from the past week. I love this idea because I often find posts that I love or want to read but don’t have time to, and The Monday Mix seems like a great way to keep track of things and share some blogger love.

1. Jaime at The Perpetual Page Turner wrote about the book club she hosted for Suzanne Young’s The Program, released early last week. Included are some fun recipes and food ideas inspired by the book in case you want to host your own book club for this cool new read.

2. I was glad to hear that Wild Awake is good, because it’s a debut I’m particularly excited to read. I trust Pure Imagination‘s judgement, and I hope she’s right about this cool-sounding book!

2. At All Things Urban Fantasy, they posted about the cover art for some new books. Included was the sequel to Unspoken, called Untold, which is a little redundant. I personally like the style of the cover for Unspoken better, because it was really different, spooky, and cool. They also revealed the cover for the second book in the Splintered series (did you know there was going to be a second book? I didn’t), Unhinged. That cover isn’t as gorgeous as the first one either, but I think Splintered has a cover that would be pretty tough to top. But still: MORPHEUSISONTHECOVERMORPHEUSISONTHECOVERFANGIRLING@$&##*#@&Y!#@^&!!!!!
3. All the bad reviews for September Girls. Everyone hates it. (Well, except for Kirkus and Novel Sounds, apparently). But Cuddlebuggery and Finding Bliss in Books tore this book up, I mean, tossed it into the shredder and burned the pieces. It does sound like an awful book based on the quotes and the whole slut-shaming/sexism issue. It really concerns me that a book that’s this sexist would be supported by big reviewers like Kirkus. I mean, what kind of message does that send? Oh yeah, sexism, that’s really something to be proud of. It just feels like positive reviews of this book are endorsing the really misogynistic views presented by the douchebag main character, and I don’t think that’s a good thing. I think I’ll still read it, but I’m certainly glad that these other blogs have provided me with somewhat of a trigger warning beforehand.

4. And the one positive review of September Girls from Elena at Novel Sounds. Did she just not notice the slut-shaming…?

5. I was really sad to see that Invisibility wasn’t that good, at least according to Novel Novice. I was really excited about it because of the pairing of Andrea Cremer and David Levithan. I’ll probably still read this one as well, but at least now I’m a bit more prepared for the probable disappointment.

6. I keep meaning to read something by Lauren Myracle since she’s so highly praised, and I think GReads’ Waiting on Wednesday post on The Infinite Moment of Us has convinced me this is the book to start with.

7. Judy Bloom’s Tiger Eyes is going to be a movie? I don’t remember a whole lot about this book, which doesn’t necessarily tell me whether it was good or not since I read it such a long time ago, but check out the movie traier here.

8. Here’s a cool interview by Cuddlebuggery with Josin L. McQuein, author of 2013 debut Arclight, available now.

9. I really enjoyed Fiction Folio’s Top Ten Tuesday post about the top ten topics that make her pick up a book, especially because mental illness was listed. I feel like not enough blogs write about books about mental illness, so if you know of any book blogger with a passion for that topic, please throw ’em at me!

10. I absolutely loved Snuggly Orange’s post about her book DNA. It’s a really cool idea and I hope to make a similar post sometime within the next few weeks to give a shout out to the characters I really identify with.

11. Anna has a freakin’ adorable series called “Awful Drawings of Things I Like in Books.” This week’s drawing was for books set in bodies of water.

12. I thought Hello Chelly’s post of spring cleaning tips was helpful and entertaining. I think I’m going to do some of that when I get home because I’ve started double-layering my bookshelves and am running out of space again.



2 thoughts on “The Monday Mix #4

  1. Laurie Parr says:

    I loved Tiger Eyes but it is such a vintage book. I guess we’ll wait and see the movie on Netflix of Amazon Prime!   LOve, love, love, Mim


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