Cover Makeovers: Sonya Sones

I love, love, love Sonya Sones. Her writing is beautiful, and unique from any other YA author out there today. Even Ellen Hopkins, the uber-popular author who also writes in verse, doesn’t hold a candle to Sones in my eyes. I discovered recently that her books have gotten some makeovers recently and wanted to share my thoughts about them.

Here are the covers I own:


I loved these covers. They’re different from other contemporary covers, which is good, because they’re different from other contemporary novels! I find them super cute and feel they capture well the sassy voices of the characters.

Here are the new covers:


I don’t like these as much. They’re definitely more mainstream, and maybe that’s what the publishers are going for now to try to sell Sones’ books to a wider market. I have to say I don’t really “get” the cover for One of Those Hideous Books. It’s just too much hair for me. At least the cover for What My Mother Doesn’t Know is based off an older cover, so I guess that one’s alright. What My Girlfriend Doesn’t Know is cute, but it looks like too many other contemporary novel covers I see today.


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