The Monday Mix #5

The Monday Mix is a meme created by Alexa over at Alexa Loves Books. This meme post basically gives bloggers the opportunity to share some of their favorite posts from other sites from the past week. I love this idea because I often find posts that I love or want to read but don’t have time to, and The Monday Mix seems like a great way to keep track of things and share some blogger love.

1. On Hello Chelly, Rachel created a post with book and bag pairings. My favorite bag is definitely the Eleanor & Park bag. It’s so colorful and cute! I like the Me Before You bag, and including that was a good reminder to me that I still have to read that book!


2. I thought Cuddlebuggery’s post about “every YA book I’ve ever read” was pretty funny and definitely rang true for me. I’m not sure if this was intentional, but I liked that she pointed out how YA girls hardly ever come to their resolutions without the help of a hot guy. I also thought it was interesting that the “cover” for every ya contemp she’s ever read was a picture of a dreamy-looking, super-white girl with uber-blonde hair, since white-washing in YA is such an issue.


3. Stormy’s opinion of The S-Word was definitely the closest to mine of any review I’ve read for it. Most posts say how well Pitcher handled certain “sensitive subjects” in the story, which, I’m sorry, is complete bullshit, and it really irritates me. I felt like all the drama made the more sensitive issues seem laughable and unrealistic, and I ended up feeling no sympathy for any of the characters. In terms of Stormy’s review, I definitely agreed about basically everything she said concerning Angie. She was a really difficult character to like because of all the terrible things she did. I didn’t even like her when she did terrible things that I felt like I was supposed to see as good or helpful. An ultimate disappointment.


4. I thought Book Chick City’s post about bookish snobbery was good as well. Bookish snobbery is definitely something I’ve dealt with, since I basically only read YA, which is never counted as “good literature.” I also liked what was said about genre snobbery, and how one book in a genre does not represent the rest. This post basically confirmed what I already knew about myself (that I am a real reader no matter what I read), and generally left me with a greater feeling of empowerment as a YA reader.

5. Another great post from Book. Blog. Bake. (I’m really a fan of Stormy this week). When I read books, I also find I’m mostly able to guess the “twists” in the plot as well. I think that can partially be attributed to one’s skill as a reader and also the breadth of knowledge one has about a particular age/genre of book. I will say though, I wasn’t at all expecting a certain person in Pandemonium to return, so props to Lauren Oliver for twisting me on that one. I also thought the twist in Cinder was pretty easy to predict, but wasn’t as surprised by the Level 2 (excuse me, The Memory of After) twist. I didn’t know quite what was up with Julian throughout the story, but I most certainly knew he wasn’t telling the truth.


6. I really related to Jaime’s before and after post about book blogging this week. One of my favorite parts about blogging is the connections I get to make with other bloggers, writers, and readers. Having someone tell me they liked a post or will read a book because of my review is one of the best feelings ever.

7. I absolutely loved Maureen Johnson’s coverflip contest. I felt that what she had to say about the devaluing of women’s writing through the production of “girly” covers was really sad, but also very true. Some of the coverflips were funny, but others were shocking, and really made me wonder how famous they would be if they had been written by women.

My personal favorite, of Jack Kerouac’s On The Road


8. I definitely have Cuddlebuggery’s same OCD of picking a book. Her post made me feel both that I’m not alone, but also that maybe I need to tone down the OCD a bit when buying books. It also made me wonder how much influence things like font and title have over me.

9. Jaime of The Perpetual Page Turner also posted about books on grief for mother’s day because her mother died when she was 18. A sad but powerful post. My favorites? The Sky is Everywhere and Twenty Boy Summer, which I write about on this blog A LOT. Maybe I just have a thing for blue and pink books with hearts on the cover…?



2 thoughts on “The Monday Mix #5

  1. Thanks for the linking love! And I’m so glad to know I’m not the only one who didn’t really like The S-Word. I felt the EARLY, early reviews had similar thoughts to my own, but lately all the reviews I’ve read have been really positive. I’m glad people enjoy the books they’re reading but I really thought that one wouldn’t be very liked.

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