Top Ten Tuesday: Best Covers of Books I’ve Read

Top Ten Tuesday is an original meme created by the wonderful blog, The Broke and the Bookish, as they are particularly fond of lists over there. All they ask is participants link back to the site to share their lists with fellow bloggers. Check out The Broke and the Bookish for details on this great weekly feature!

Here are my favorite covers from books I’ve read. I didn’t like all of these books, but some of the covers were just too cool to skip over.

1. The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer – Michelle Hodkin
It’s fitting that my favorite cover of all time should belong to one of my favorite series. This gorgeous cover hides an equally gorgeous story that’ll have you up all night.


2. The Unquiet – Jeannine Garsee
I was worried that this ghost story couldn’t live up to the amazing cover, but Jeannine Garsee definitely delivered, and I’m looking forward to hearing more from her.


3. Imaginary Girls – Nova Ren Suma
I’m cheating a bit with this one, because I haven’t actually finished it yet. But I did buy it for $3 at a book fair earlier this year, so I’ll probably read the rest of it eventually.


4. Shiver – Maggie Steifvater
I hated this book, and still don’t understand what everyone thinks is so great about it. What I do think is great about it is the cover, with the blue leaves, black type, and single enticing dot of red.


5. The Selection – Kiera Cass
I know, I know…it’s a girl in a dress. But it’s such a stunning girl in a dress that I had to include it.


6. Crewel – Gennifer Albin
When books have covers this pretty, I worry it’s to hide the not-so-great story inside. This was certainly not the case with Gennifer Albin’s Crewel. So excited to see her next weekend at BEA!


7. Marcelo in the Real World – Francisco X. Stork
This is a moving, unique story with a great, eye-catching cover to advertise it. I love covers with stars, but this is probably my favorite in that category.


8. Incarnate – Jodi Meadows
I still can’t decide if I liked this book or not, but I know I adore the cover. It’s hard to imagine, but the sequel, Asunder (which isn’t available in any library in my state! Help!), is even prettier.


9. Splintered – A. G. Howard
This cover is actually even more vibrant in real life, and it contains an equally vibrant story. My favorite debut so far.


10. Wither – Lauren DeStefano
I do not like these books, yet somehow I made it through the whole series. Definitely not one of my finer life choices, but at least the covers were pretty cool. Yay for grungy girls in dresses.



8 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Best Covers of Books I’ve Read

  1. Love pretty much ALL the covers you’ve picked! I don’t think I’ve actually read any except The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer, but the cover for Imaginary Girls is one of my all-time favorites, and I’ve never been able to place why exactly. I’m not even that interested in the story– I just find the cover so appealing!

  2. I really like the Mara Dyer covers, unfortunately I didn’t care for the book, though. Just my opinion.

    And Splintered! Such a gorgeous cover. I haven’t read the book, and I’ve heard mixed things, but man that cover is perfect.

  3. These are some great covers! I’ve never seen Marcelo in the Real World before, but that is a lovely cover! The Selection made my list when I did covers a few weeks ago for the TTT Rewind.

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