DAC June 2013

June debuts with 5-word summaries! I basically want to read every single debut this month. It’s gotta be done.

June 4


Tides – Betsy Cornwell
An island cottage, bulimia, selkies

PODs – Michelle Pickett
Virus creates monsters, underground survival

June 8


Some Quiet Place – Kelsey Sutton
Secrets in paintings, personified emotions

Insomnia – J. R. Johansson
Sees dreams, going crazy, stalker

June 11


Belle Epoque – Elizabeth Ross
Paris, deception, aristocracy, and beauty

Charm & Strange – Stephanie Kuehn
Mysteries, violent anger, secrets, tragedy

Another Little Piece – Kate Karyus Quinn
Strange visions, disappearing girls, amnesia

Rush – Eve Silver
Pulled into game, kills aliens

June 18


Triangles – Kimberly Ann Miller
Cruise, sexy guys, alternate realities

June 25


In the After – Demitria Lunetta
Humanity devoured, hiding, rescued?

Ink – Amanda Sun
Japanese mythology, drawings that move


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