The Monday Mix #8

1. At Pretty Deadly Reviews, Bekka’s Top Ten Tuesday post was about unreliable narrators. I love an unreliable narrators, so I really enjoyed this list. I’ve only read two from the list, The S-Word and Beautiful Lies, but the others all sounded really good, too.

2. Hello Chelly compares her blogging from this year’s BEA to last year’s, explaining how her blog has changed.

3. I always love Anna’s posts, and her Top Ten Tuesday was no exception. I want to own all these graphics and put posters of them in my dorm next year, especially the first one and the Audrey Hepburn one.

4. I also liked Epic Reads’ post with pictures of shelves from bloggers and other people. I liked the ones organized by color in particular, since I organized my bookshelf that way when I got home from school.

5. As a book lover, I found Lori of Pure Imagination’s post about YA inspired baby names absolutely adorable. If I ever have kids, these will probably be on my list, too.

6. I haven’t actually read Moby Dick, but I love fashion inspired by literature, and thought all the jewelry inspired by this classic was gorgeous. Thanks Read. Breathe. Relax. for sharing this cool post!


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