My BEA Experience

I did it. I went to BEA as a Power Reader! And it was AMAZING! There are no words for how fabulous it was to be surrounded by so many books and booklovers, and I don’t know how I’ll be able to wait for another year until BEA 2014! Everyone I talked to was so sweet and interesting, and seemed to take me seriously even though I was probably one of the youngest bloggers there. I remembered reading a lot on other blogs about people being rude and cutting lines, etc., but I experienced none of that.

The publishers were also really nice. Simon & Schuster gave me an ARC of Nancy Farmer’s The Lord of Opium after hearing me gush about it. I also got Espionage & Etiquette from a publisher even though it was supposed to be a display copy and it was still early in the day. When I was waiting in a signing line, I asked someone where they’d gotten a copy of Kami Garcia’s Unbreakable, she gave her copy to me!

I also went to book signings for Bennett Madison, Kelsey Sutton, Jordana Frankel, and Gennifer Albin. Kelsey Sutton seemed very nice, but she was only my second signing and I was still too nervous/excited to say anything of consequence to an actual author. I did tell Gennifer Albin I loved Crewel, and she seemed really sweet and enthusiastic, and genuinely appreciative of what people had to say to her. She also has very pretty handwriting.

I talked to some publishers also, including a woman from the Chicago Review who recognized my blog name because she’s approved some titles for me on NetGalley, which was pretty exciting. I think she and the Soho reps were my favorites, because the guy from Soho seemed very enthusiastic as well. I also really liked the Simon & Schuster people, since they saw how excited I was about The Lord of Opium and actually gave me a copy. I was a little disappointed by one of the guys from Flux YA, and felt that particular rep didn’t really feel like talking to people. The other guy was really friendly though, and seemed to enjoy talking up books to people. I also thought the Capstone guy was cool, especially since he found me an extra copy of Wish before they started giving everything away so I didn’t have to wait around too long.

BEA was a completely wonderful experience that I can’t wait to repeat in 2014. I met some cool people, got some amazing books, and got to meet real, actual authors. I am so grateful to have gotten to go to such a fantastic event, and am even more grateful to all the publishers, authors, and people I met that made it amazing.


Fire With Fire – Jenny Han & Siobhan Vivian
Relic – Heather Terrell
Swept Up by the Sea – Tracy Hickman
Katana – Cole Gibsen
The Rent Collector – Camron Wright
Altered – Gennifer Albin (signed!)
Charming – Elliot James
Dancing in the Dark – Robyn Bavati
Ghost Time – Courtney Eldridge
Silent Harmony – Michele Scott
Skin – Donna Jo Napoli
Gorgeous – Paul Rudnick
Torn – David Massey
Wake Up Missing – Kate Messner
The Cutting Room Floor – Dawn Klehr
Wish – Beth Bracken
The Ward – Jordanna Frankel (signed!)


September Girls – Bennett Madison (signed)
Etiquette & Espionage – Gail Carriger
Projection – Risa Green
Roller Girls: Falling Hard – Megan Sparks
Some Quiet Place – Kelsey Sutton (signed!)
The Hunt – Andrew Fukuda
Things I Can’t Forget – Miranda Kenneally
Fractured – Sara Fine
The Lord of Opium – Nancy Farmer
Unbreakable – Kami Garcia
Sex & Violence – Carrie Mesrobian
Beautiful Music for Ugly Children – Kristin Cronn-Mills
Backwards Glass – David Lomax

Find Me – Romily Bernard (signed!)


From Macmillan via internet:
This Song Will Save Your Life – Leila Sales
Fangirl – Rainbow Rowell
Tumble & Fall – Alexandra Coutts

When I got home, I also took some silly pictures of myself in a pile of my BEA books before organizing them:



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