Monday Mix #11

1. Author Erin Bowman talks about the YAGB tour, and offers some exciting news about the sequel to Taken, a debut I really need to read.

2. A really cool-sounding book store in NY specializing in YA, Books of Wonder, made this great post about terrific summer reads. I recently read Nantucket Blue and loved it, and Small Damages and Truth or Dare are both on my TBR list for the season.

tumblr_matdrp4iw21r61pkno1_500 truthordarefp__index

3. I really like reading (and writing) mini-reviews, so I enjoyed the three posted on Always YA at Heart. I still really want to read Wild Awake, but I can’t say I’ll be adding The Kissing Booth to my TBR list. I agreed with what was said about September Girls probably being for older teens, but I think that’s because younger teens won’t understand the references and will think the book is supposed to be a romance, as the reviewer did, instead of a critique on how the patriarchy hurts all genders.

4. I thought this post about teen authors was really interesting. It was cool to read about the varied experiences teen authors have had, particularly on whether or not they thought their age factored into them getting published.

5. The debut author of Charm & Strange, Stephanie Kuehn, wrote a guest post for Stacked called “So You Want to Read YA.” Kuehn wrote about three of her favorite YA books, focusing on the more philosophical side of YA.

amelia+anne+is+dead+and+gone marburylens chocwar1974Knopf

6. Epic Reads posted some major cover reveals for some Winter 2014 releases. On my list? No One Else Can Have You, Avalon, Her Dark Curiosity, House of Ivy and Sorrow, Great, Infinite, Cruel Beauty, Split Second, Side Effects May Vary, Maybe One Day, Teen Spirit (Francesca Lia Block, I still believe in you!), and Sea of Shadows. So yeah, basically all of them.

tumblr_mowh8iRx711qdlytco4_500 Split+Second-1 NoOneElse_JKT semvcover

7. Another post by Epic Reads of literary pets. So cute! My fav is the Delirium cat.


8. A Reader of Fictions has a feature called Cover Snark where she sarcastically reviews recently released covers. I agree with some of her comments, and find some of her reviews funny, while others fall a little flat. Also, can I just say there are not enough words to express how much I hate the cover for All That Glows? Just…no.


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