As part of the official street team for Hafsah Laziaf’s debut, Unbreathable, it’s my job to tell you why you should read this super cool book. It was released a few days ago (the original release date was October 29, but it was moved up), and I’m really excited for a few reasons:

1. World building – Jutaire is unlike any world you’ve read about before. In Unbreathable, Laziaf has created a vivid, almost tangible world. Jutaire is a colorful, vibrant, super creepy universe that will suck you in with its acid rain and red landscape.

2. The boys – Well, okay, one boy in particular. There is a love triangle, kind of, although in my opinion the outcome is pretty obvious from the beginning. Julian is pretty darn swoonworthy.

3. Lissa – I always like a female protagonist who gets stronger and stronger as a story progresses, and Laziaf’s Lissa is no exception. Watching her get more comfortable in herself and become extra badass was definitely a highlight of this book for me.

4. It’s a space book that I actually liked – I’ve read a couple space books this year, but until Unbreathable hadn’t found any that I really liked. Space just isn’t my thing, but the world in Laziaf’s novel seemed more like a realm in a fantasy novel, so that really worked for me. Unbreathable is a worthy addition to the growing canon of YA space books.

5. The cute father/daughter relationship – I don’t want to give away any spoilers, so I’m going to leave it at that, but trust me: much cuteness is to be had.

5. Hafsah Laziaf is really cool – It freaks my out a bit that we’re the same age, since she’s so successful already with her blog and has just published her first book at 20, but oh well. I’ll get there someday. I discovered her blog, Icey Books, a couple months ago and have been an avid follower ever since. She’s also a graphic designer who’s done many blog themes and covers for YA books, including her own as well as the adorable Solving for Ex by LeighAnn Hopkins!


So yeah. Read Unbreathable. Do it! Find it here. Happy reading!



One thought on “Unbreathable

  1. Jenna @ Rather Be Reading YA says:

    I’m looking forward to this one. I had already spent my book budget for the week by the time it was released last week but I’ll get it this week.

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