Mini Blogging Hiatus

Yeah, this needs to happen.

Not only am a little behind in reviews and SUPER REALLY FREAKING behind in ARCs, it’s also starting to get wicked busy at school and I have a bunch of papers, lab reports, and finals I’ll be taking over the next couple weeks. I probably won’t even have time to put together Waiting on Wednesday posts for a little bit (but, note to NetGalley publishers, I really, REALLY want Anything to Have You by Paige Harbison and Fates by Lanie Bross, WoWs on these to come when I return), so I hereby release myself from all blogging responsibilities until further notice.

I’ll probably come back in early/mid-December, but until then, I just need to focus on other things. I still love blogging, books, and my readers (are you out there?), so this is definitely not goodbye, I’m just taking a vacation (but a really stressful one).

brb, drowning in stress.


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