YA Cover Trends 2013 Part 2: Fringe, Font, and Flare, oh my!

Another post on cover trends for 2013!

A Romance of Redheads

YA seems to love redheads. There are probably more redheads in YA lit than there are in real life, but as a faux-redhead myself, I can certainly see the appeal. One author even wrote a whole book about redheads this year. Can you guess which?


Put Your Best Font Forward

I’ve also been seeing a bunch of books where the type is the real focus of the cover. Some of these do have background images, but a couple of them only have the title and a plain background.

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Send up the flares

This is another trend I see growing: covers with a flare from a camera lens, or the sun, which often literally shines right out of the character’s asses. Sonya Sones’s books got makeovers earlier in the year to include lens flares, which definitely didn’t work for all of them, but To Be Perfectly Honest has a decent cover with flare.

15752348134531041215778017305095152830431326074212578313 23-12-40


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