Top Ten Best Books of 2013

Top Ten Tuesday is an original meme created by the wonderful blog The Broke and the Bookish.

I really tried not to repeat too many titles from my list of top ten new-to-me authors of 2013, but it was hard because those really were the standouts for me this year. Still, I did my best to talk about books I haven’t discussed yet on any of my top ten lists of 2013 bests.


1. Reality Boy – A. S. King
By far my favorite book of the year. Reality Boy was totally different from everything else I read this year. I read it in October but still find myself gushing about it to friends and family. Gerald’s story is disturbing, haunting, and hopeful, but I never wanted it to end. This book was on my new-to-me authors list too, but it’s completely worth mentioning again (and again and again and again).


2. Heartbeat – Elizabeth Scott
I haven’t reviewed this yet, but as I will say later, Heartbeat is Elizabeth Scott’s best book. It tackles issues I’ve never read about and could be a difficult read at times, but reading it was a truly rewarding experience. This book will make you cry, but it will also remind you of the beauty of love.


3. Splintered – A. G. Howard This vivid fantasy became a favorite from the very first page. I loved the Wonderland Howard built and her rich writing style. Everything about this novel is absolutely gorgeous inside and out. I’ve already pre-ordered Unhinged and can’t wait until January 7th to get it!


4. Pretty Girl-13 – Liz Coley
I don’t even know how to describe this book. It was amazing and disturbing and messed with me in ways I have never been messed with before by a YA novel. If this novel is any indication, Liz Coley is going to be big.


5. The Murmurings – Carly Anne WestI loved this book from the first sentence. It was beautifully written and thrilling in all the right ways and left me craving more YA horror.


6. Test Taste – Kelly Fiore
This was one of my most anticipated debuts of 2013, and it did not disappoint. Taste Test was simply a delight to read. It did have its corny moments, but overall it was so much fun I didn’t care.


7. Fire With Fire – Jenny Han & Siobhan VivianThis book gets the award for biggest book hangover of 2013. I liked Burn for Burn alright, but Fire With Fire has left me chomping on the bit for Ashes to Ashes. I literally screamed about this book, but won’t tell you why because I don’t want to give away the major spoilers.


8. The Elite – Kiera Cass
This book is kind of a given. Kiera Cass can do no wrong. The Elite was super fun and exciting with plenty of drama and romance. I especially liked how she made me question if I wanted America to choose Aspen or Maxon, because before the book I really had my heart set on the latter. I am ridiculously excited for The One and will drop anything else I happen to be reading at the time to start it the second it comes out.


9. Dr. Bird’s Advice for Sad Poets – Evan Roskos
Another repeat from my best new-to-me authors list. I was nervous about this book because I so wanted it to be amazing, but thankfully it exceeded my expectations. Roskos brought up a lot of interesting issues related to mental illness I’ve never read about in a YA book before and captured James’ anxiety and experience perfectly. Dr. Bird’s Advice for Sad Poets is a beautiful, sad, and funny debut that I hope more people read.


10. Scarlet – Marissa Meyer
I did not like Cinder. I thought it was okay, but didn’t really understand the hype around it. Still, something about it compelled me to read Scarlet, and I’m very glad I did. Scarlet was much better than Cinder. It was fun and quirky and I absolutely adored Wolf. So excited for Cress!


Bonus #11: Mind Games by Kiersten White
I couldn’t decide whether to put this book or Scarlet, so this list gets a bonus book. I bought it because I was auto-approved for a review copy of Perfect Lies and didn’t expect much from it. I haven’t read a lot of paranormal books this year, but after reading this I definitely want to change that. It was really well-written and different and I ended up loving it.


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