About Me

Hey there! My name is Shayna (no nicknames), and I am a 19-year-old college student currently residing in the lovely state of Maryland, who loves music and books above all else. I began Bibliophilia in summer 2011 on Blogspot as a way to share my passion for reading, took a long break, then started it up again on WordPress in April 2012, and have made it my official part-time job ever since.

Fun facts about this blogger:

– I have two cats, Bo and Jaeda. Bo is very naughty and eats everything, and Jaeda is the sweetest sweetie of cats and likes pizza

– I am deathly afraid of tsunamis and tapeworms. And no, studying and dissecting tapeworms in high school zoology did not lessen my fear of them or help me realize that said fear is irrational. DEATHLY. AFRAID.

– I’ve been studying music since I was 4

– I hope to double major in women’s studies and music at my tiny, wonderful liberal arts college

– It is my dream to work in both music and publishing, as a YA author, literary agent, editor, or all of the above. Reading by day, playing the hottest jazz clubs by night 🙂


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