Review Policy

*I am currently accepting ARCs*

Genres I Accept

My blog is primarily YA focused, but I am also looking to expand to include adult books that teens and college-aged students would enjoy. These are the genres I accept:

– Dystopian
– Contemporary
– Paranormal
– Romance
– Chick lit
– Mystery/thriller
– Some fantasy/sci-fi
– New Adult

Genres I do not accept:

– Most historical fiction
– Middle grade/children’s books
– Nonfiction (autobiographies, memoirs, biographies)
– Erotica
– Religious fiction


While I do receive e-books from NetGalley, I would prefer to be sent a printed copy. If an author or publisher is willing to do this for me, please contact the following email address:

My Reviews

Though I may not always like the books sent to me, I will do my best to provide useful critiques in terms of craft. I always appreciate being given the opportunity to read ARCs, but I will always be honest in my reviews. If for some reason I decide not to review a book, be it lack of interest or other reasons, I will contact the publisher as soon as possible.

What I will include in review posts:

– Title
– Author
– Publisher
– Pub date
– Genre(s)
– Book source
– Book rating (out of 5)
– Synopsis
– Book cover
– Review

Other places I post reviews (find links on CONTACT ME page):

– Goodreads
– Tumblr
– Twitter
– Facebook
– NetGalley
– Edelweiss


Most of the summaries posted in a review come from Goodreads, Amazon, author/publisher website, or the book jacket. I do not claim to own any of them.

Rating System

5/5: Loved it!
4/5: Really liked it!
3/5: Liked it okay
2/5: Didn’t really like it
1/5: Hated it
0/5: Did not finish


I do my best to read books sent to me within two weeks, four at most. I generally read between 3-5 books every week during the year and one a day during the summer season. I review immediately after I read the book.


I would be thrilled to participate in blog tours, hosting guest bloggers, and author interviews. If you have other ideas for features to promote your book, please let me know. To contact me, please fill out the form on the CONTACT ME page.

About the Design

I created the header from an image I found on this Tumblr blog. I do not know if the blogger created the image, so at this point I am unable to credit the artist. If anyone finds out who made the original image, please let me know so I can credit them! I also do not claim to own any other images on this blog.

Traffic Details as of February 2013

*Created April 2012
This blog currently receives approximately 350+ views per month. I have 100+ followers on WordPress, 40+ on Facebook, 200+ on Twitter, and 50+ on Tumblr. There are currently 200+ posts with 50+ comments, frequently from YA authors. The top ten visiting countries are the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, the Netherlands, the Philippines, Israel, France, and India.


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